4-H Scrabble Game (Club Meeting Activity)


Check out this club meeting activity that will involve everyone and be a fun way to identify leadership roles.  Before you can get started you should print the “scrabble” letter pieces onto different colored card stock.  Then cut the letters with a paper cutter and place them in ziptop baggies.

Instructions:  Divide teams into 3-6 participants.  Have participants sort out letter tiles face up on a flat surface.

The leader will name a category (camp counselor) or ask a question (What leadership role is for teens at camp?).

The group members must decide on a word to spell using the tiles and they must spell the word in order, using their hands and each other as a “word team”.  The first team organized and ready wins the round.

Example:  Animals that live in a swamp-

  • alligator
  • snake
  • frog
  • fish
  • spiders
  • otters
  • nutria rat
  • raccoons
  • deer
  • foxes
  • hog
  • ducks

Score is kept depending on the letter tiles and their value.

Adapted from Team Spelling Bee (Therapy Games, by Alana Jones, 2013)

Scrabble PiecesScrabble

Scoresheet and Rules

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