Meeting Etiquette

It’s no secret that going to business meetings is not at the top of the list for everyone’s favorite thing to do. We all know that we have to attend these meetings, so why not make the most of it by creating a positive environment for everyone. You can make meetings more enjoyable, effective and efficient by following the do’s and don’ts of meeting etiquette. As a general rule of thumb, don’t be rude or disrespectful towards others and follow these basic rules:
 LISTEN actively to what others have to say.
 DRINK coffee, water or other non-alcoholic drinks. It is acceptable to bring drinks into a meeting.
 TAKE NOTES to help you concentrate and process information better.
 BE PREPARED by reading the agenda beforehand and write down what things you may want to address during the meeting.
 ASK QUESTIONS and jot down questions during the meeting but make sure you ask them at the appropriate time.
 DRESS appropriately for the meeting that you are attending. If this is a work meeting the usual rule of thumb is business attire unless specified otherwise.
 TALK CONSTANTLY or chatter, even if it is whispering it can be extremely distracting from the speaker, rude to everyone and you may miss important information.
 EAT smelly or crunchy food. It is never a good idea to eat during a meeting unless food/snacks are provided.
 CHECK YOUR PHONE during a meeting. Your phone should be turned off of put on silent. Looking at your phone during a meeting while someone else is talking is extremely rude. This also applies to laptops.
 BE LATE as it is very distracting to all participants and disrupts the flow of the meeting. Being on time shows respect.
 INTERRUPT while someone else is talking and interrupt them. Wait until they are finished speaking to raise your own concerns.

Meeting Etiquette2Article courtesy of Louisiana 4-H Regional Coordinators

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