Never Have I Ever (found a 4 leaf clover) 4-H Club Meeting Activity


Never Have I Ever—-Good Attitude Game

We are more alike than different.  Most kids have to complete chores, do homework, work for their money, and study for tests.  Most families deal with quarreling, stressful holidays, and members who lose their tempers easily.

This activity encourages children to participate within a group and recognize how much they have in common with each other.  4-H is a safe space for all children to belong and find common ground with others.

Honesty is the key element for this activity and everyone must agree to be truthful.  Participants will stand up or sit down in response to the statements presented.

General rules:

STAND for Done That!


Never Have I Ever….

  • Found a 4 leaf clover
  • Dyed my hair
  • Baked a cake from scratch
  • Helped someone in need
  • Broken a bone
  • Taken out the trash without being asked
  • Been to Disney World
  • Ate a vegetable that I didn’t really like but ended up liking it.
  • Had to discipline my pet
  • Stood up to a bully
  • Slept til noon
  • Regretted something I did
  • Rolled down a hill
  • Shared a sucker with my dog
  • Been the first at the scene of an accident and helped
  • Laughed so hard I wet my pants
  • Been to the hospital
  • Apologized for hurting someone’s feelings
  • Been ice skating
  • Fired a gun
  • Lied about doing my homework
  • Lied about being sick
  • Had chickenpox
  • Been lost but wouldn’t ask for directions
  • Ridden a horse
  • Had food come out of my nose
  • Played Candy Land with a little child
  • Eaten a Bug
  • Been bullied
  • Cut your finger on a dull knife
  • Been to the ER to get stitches
  • Ate food that I thought was nasty but swallowed it anyway to be nice
  • Wore hand-me down clothes
  • Forgot a password for an email, twitter, Instagram account
  • Went along with a 4-H project that I didn’t really like but in the end it was the best experience ever!

For fun, have the children create their own statements.  To make it simple, supply children with paper and pencil so they can write their own “Never Have I Ever” phrases and pass them along to the game coordinator.

Never Have I Ever  (PDF of Activity)



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