Technology Etiquette


From 1980 to the present we have experienced sweeping changes in communication technology.  In 1995, Motorola invented of a two-way pager known as the “Tango”.  It allowed users to receive text messages and email, and reply with a response.  Motorola developed this tool for the U.S. Army and it was later introduced to the larger population.

Generation Z (the current youth population in 4-H) has always had access to phones, tablets, and school computers as a general rule.  Communication and technology appear to be in every nook and cranny of their world.  Banking, college classes, grocery shopping, and purchasing movie tickets can all be accomplished without ever stepping out away from home.

Social media platforms aren’t private and we all need to be reminded of polite behavior in person as well as in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an “Oops!” button and after something has been posted it cannot be retracted.  With this in mind, it’s a good idea to follow these simple rules when texting or posting to social media.

Think before you post.  Once photos and text are published it can’t be retracted.  Information can be shared, saved, and copied.  And please, avoid the use of technology when you are angry.

Be courteous (manners count…say please and thank you for messages).

Avoid bad language and insults.  Social media is not a place for airing grievances or bashing others.

Don’t post private information or gossip.  Gossip is damaging to everyone, including the person spreading the rumors.  And refrain from posting sensitive information through a text that may upset others.  Examples; illness, death notices, or tragic information.

Never post nude photos of yourself or others.  Just don’t do it.

General rules:

  • Avoid annoying and loud ringtones or text signals.
  • Turn off ringtones and text tones in public places.
  • Don’t talk in a public place. Keep a distance between people when you are on the phone.
  • Posting photos of people without their permission isn’t appropriate.

Technology is constantly changing, but manners are always a good idea to have a healthy and well-adjusted society.


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