Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leader Association

It’s not a secret that we depend heavily on our 4-H volunteers to support our programs, take on leadership roles, manage 4-H clubs, and pick up the slack that we 4-H agents need help with on a continual basis.

Volunteers can be found in almost every facet of Louisiana 4-H from running 4-H Foundations to transporting and training youth at 4-H U.  Please pass along information for volunteers and encourage them to join the VLA.


The Louisiana 4-H VLA:

  • is a non-profit organization made up of adults who serve and support Louisiana 4-H in a volunteer role.
  • helps young people grow to be confident and strong.
  • established in 2003, the LA4-HVLA is committed to support the 4-H youth in Louisiana.
  • is a volunteer organization for adults who work directly and indirectly with 4-H youth, or those who would like to become involved with the 4-H program in the State of Louisiana.VLA

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