Surround teens with positive influences (junior leader activity)


The 4-H program provides a setting for youth to build their self esteem (how they feel about them self).  This is evident when teenagers become camp counselors.  Teen counselors are supported by agents from multiple parishes and have adult volunteers as role models too.  The atmosphere of camp provides structure and establishes expectations where teens thrive and achieve success.

Counselors also are experiencing independence through their leadership.  This is a critical time for them to learn how to establish boundaries and recognize their strengths.  Throughout a week at summer camp teens develop skills that they will take with them for life.  They learn time management, how to be flexible, how to deal with emotional outbursts of children, what to do in an emergency, and gain an in site into what adult life might look like.

Agents and volunteers provide guidance for teens to grow in self esteem by giving them responsibility and having trust that they will in fact, be responsible.  This gives the teen a sense of pride and allows them to experience success.  It’s important that teens find positive influences and have mentors who they can rely on and trust.

Please find attached to this blog article a junior leader club activity for teens to become aware of the people and places that they can surround themselves with in an effort to increase their self-esteem.

To Make the Best Better-3 person lists

Want to keep learning about helping youth build self esteem, please visit the websites below.


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